Corona Virus Disease

(COVID-19 infection)

Corona virus originated in China three months ago and the viral infection has engulfed the whole world along with our state of North Carolina and of course, Wake County. We have no known treatment or vaccines available at this time. The infection is transmitted by respiratory droplet mode and from contaminated surfaces transmitted by hand to mucous membranes of mouth, nose and eyes. It takes about 4-14 days (median 5 days) after exposure to develop symptoms in majority of people. Most common symptoms are fever, dry hacking cough and shortness of breath sometimes. You are at higher risk for severe disease or complications if you are immune compromised, suffer from Diabetes, Heart or chronic Lung disease and pregnant women. We can help our community and our families to prevent spread of infection by taking some common sense measures as recommended by CDC:

       1. Social Distancing: Avoiding hugs and kisses while greeting, keeping a  distance of 3-6 feet

       2. Sanitary Habits: a) Washing hands with soap and water and scrubbingfrom both sides for at least 20-24 seconds. Dry hands after washing. You may use alcohol based sanitizers in between hand washing.

       b) Disinfecting commonly used surfaces with Bleach or other disinfecting Sprays or wipes frequently

       c) Stop touching your face, nose, mouth and eyes with your hands until you have sanitized your hands

       d) Cover your cough with your sleeve to protect others.

       3. Stay home if you feel you are sick.

For our patients 

        We are part of the UNC Physician Network. If you develop high fever more than 100.4°, cough and symptoms of shortness of breath, especially after exposure to confirmed Corona positive patient, or international travel during the  past 2 weeks, please, do not come to our office, but call UNC hotline at 1-888-850-2684 to talk to an adviser for corona Virus testing and guidance as it requires significant precautionary measures to protect others.

Walk in patients are not accepted during this pandemic. Please call to schedule an appointment before you come in.

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